Monday, September 6, 2010


Swede and I just got back from an exciting Labor Day weekend with the Moores. We thought it'd be fun to explore some new places here in Texas, so we decided to meet the fam halfway in the little historic town of Glen Rose. We started the trip off at Fossil Rim where we got to pet, feed, and see lots of fascinating safari animals. We had an awesome tour inside the facility and learned lots of neat tidbits about all the animals. The best part was getting to be so up close and personal to all the wildlife, such a cool experience!

Another great perk to living in Texas is getting to experience and taste some the very best BBQ. We went to some really entertaining and yummy places the locals recommended, and we sure weren't disappointed. Although we had a hard time walking after stuffing our faces full with all the great eats, we all left feeling a little more Texan :)

After living in Utah and experiencing all the great outdoor activities it has to offer, we were all craving some good outdoor fun here in Texas. We were lucky enough to find the Brazos River where we got to rent some tubes and float down in style. It only took us about an hour to float it, but it was long enough to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the riverbank and have some great laughs. Definitely a fun water adventure!

We all stayed at a fun little bed and breakfast right on historic square and loved it's "old time feel" atmosphere. Although we had to convince the littlest one that there were no ghosts in the hotel, it was a comfy sleep with a yummy breakfast!

We ended the trip with a short drive to the Dinosaur State Park where we walked along a river bed filled with million year old dino footprints. We all thought it was especially cool knowing that we were walking in the exact same places where the historic dinosaurs used to roam. Very fun to see!

Thanks so much family for such a fabulous vacation! Love you!

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  1. Sounds like SO much fun! I love the interactive post (yes I watched all the video clips!) I'm weirdly really jealous that you got to feed a giraffe from your hand! SO COOL!