Monday, September 28, 2009


Shayla and I had the chance to witness our first high school football game Texas style. Let me just say that friday night lights is a religion down here. Shayla's little sister, Briana, is in the high school marching band and their football team is ranked 3rd in state and is VERY good. When we showed up, we were surprised to find the traffic getting into the stadium was a nightmare. The stadium was sold out and it felt like a college football environment. We also couldn't get over the amazing half time show. Briana plays the flute and it was so fun to watch her march around the field with the band. High school marching band is also a HUGE deal here in Texas. Shayla had the biggest smile on her face, and I could see how thrilled she was to see her little sister performing. She was very proud.
The next day we all drove to college station to watch our Aggies play Texas A&M. Their stadium is known as the "12th man" and is rightly named so. There were over 75,000 people at the game and it too was an amazing atmosphere to witness. Utah State jumped out to a quick lead, but down the stretch they came up short. Either way, it was fun to support the Aggies on the road.


Better late than never, right??
When I found out that BYU would be playing Oklahoma in the new Cowboy's stadium, I had to take advantage and give my childhood best friend, Mitchell Payne a call to see if he could get us some tickets to the big game. As you can see, he delivered. Shayla and I were able to witness the big 1st upset in college football this season. I wouldn't consider myself a BYU fan, but that was by far the most amazing sporting event I have ever been to. By the end I was screaming and cheering as loud as I ever have. If anybody ever has the chance to take part in this billion dollar stadium, DO IT. It lives up to every expectation. THANKS MITCHELL!
Good ol' Mitch


Swede and I recently discovered another great perk to living in Dallas... less than an hour away, in a city called Canton, is one of the nation's largest flea markets. So, when my family came out to visit us this summer, we decided to see what all the fuss was about... and we were blown away. We couldn't get over how huge the whole thing was, let alone how easy it was to get lost in there. We loved meandering around (even in the pouring rain) and after a few hours we all decided it would be fun to check out the pet section of the market... We were definitely surprised to find how many different animals were sold, as well as the hundreds of different puppy shops. From the moment I saw all the little puppy faces, I decided I had to take one home with me. None of us could get over how cute they all were. Swede and I even had my little sisters begging us to buy one so they could puppy-sit :) It was definitely hard to walk out of there without having one in my arms... I'm patiently waiting for Christmas ! So anyway, here are some fun little pictures from our first flea market experience.

I almost forgot... we also went to Medieval Times with the fam. and had an absolute blast! It was fun to really get into the show and cheer loud for our knight. It was great to get to try something different and we all ended up loving it. And Swede couldn't get over the food... he loved all the meat! :) This weekend was definitely a memorable one!
Sierra was so happy when our
knight picked her out of the crowd,
kissed this flower, and threw it to
her :) It made her day!


As we all know, children are absolutely adorable... so I decided to post some pictures I took of a few little munchkins I met over the summer. I got the privilege to capture some cute little moments of these mini ones with my new camera, and I just wanted to share their darling smiles with you all :) Enjoy