Monday, September 28, 2009


Swede and I recently discovered another great perk to living in Dallas... less than an hour away, in a city called Canton, is one of the nation's largest flea markets. So, when my family came out to visit us this summer, we decided to see what all the fuss was about... and we were blown away. We couldn't get over how huge the whole thing was, let alone how easy it was to get lost in there. We loved meandering around (even in the pouring rain) and after a few hours we all decided it would be fun to check out the pet section of the market... We were definitely surprised to find how many different animals were sold, as well as the hundreds of different puppy shops. From the moment I saw all the little puppy faces, I decided I had to take one home with me. None of us could get over how cute they all were. Swede and I even had my little sisters begging us to buy one so they could puppy-sit :) It was definitely hard to walk out of there without having one in my arms... I'm patiently waiting for Christmas ! So anyway, here are some fun little pictures from our first flea market experience.

I almost forgot... we also went to Medieval Times with the fam. and had an absolute blast! It was fun to really get into the show and cheer loud for our knight. It was great to get to try something different and we all ended up loving it. And Swede couldn't get over the food... he loved all the meat! :) This weekend was definitely a memorable one!
Sierra was so happy when our
knight picked her out of the crowd,
kissed this flower, and threw it to
her :) It made her day!


  1. I'm glad that Medieval Times was good--I've been wanting to go! And the flea market looks like a fun place. Gotta love good times with the family!

  2. umm SHAYLA. I have not seen you in FOREVER! Your name popped up in my fbook news feed. So I clicked on your name to see what you were up to and I was led here. YOU LIVE IN DALLAS. My parents are mission presidents in Fort Worth. Like. They live 20 minutes away from Dallas. I worked in Texas all last summer! I am going there next week! CALL ME! I love you!

  3. Great posts! Keep them coming so we know what you two are up to these days. We miss you tons and hope you have a fun weekend in San Antonio. See you in a few months! Love you both, Lindi

  4. Hey Swede (and Shayla). It's Ashley Wimmer and I just saw your blog from Land and Britt's. It's good to see what you're up to. Feel free to check ours out as well and we can be blog friends. Oh how I miss the Olson fam. Tell them all hi for me.