Monday, September 28, 2009


Better late than never, right??
When I found out that BYU would be playing Oklahoma in the new Cowboy's stadium, I had to take advantage and give my childhood best friend, Mitchell Payne a call to see if he could get us some tickets to the big game. As you can see, he delivered. Shayla and I were able to witness the big 1st upset in college football this season. I wouldn't consider myself a BYU fan, but that was by far the most amazing sporting event I have ever been to. By the end I was screaming and cheering as loud as I ever have. If anybody ever has the chance to take part in this billion dollar stadium, DO IT. It lives up to every expectation. THANKS MITCHELL!
Good ol' Mitch

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  1. Love It Love It Love It!!Keep up the posts I cant get enough of seeing and hearing about what is going on in the Swecko Family! You guys look great and I am so excited for Christmas. Swass I hope work is going well and Shayla can I hire you to take some photos of Miss Piper this Christmas?? Love you guys