Sunday, October 17, 2010


It may be a bit early, but Swede and I have already carved pumpkins for Halloween. They are now wilting on our front porch, but I was SO in the mood for some yummy roasted pumpkin seeds that we invited some friends over last Tuesday for a little carving action. I'm thinkin this might be only round one... you can never carve too many pumpkins right? Check out our creations :)
We were also lucky enough to have my mom and little sister Sierra come visit us for some great weekend fun. We took them to the Dallas Arboretum and were super impressed with all its' Halloween displays... they have MILLIONS of pumpkins there.
Sierra also wanted Swede to teach her a little of his golf wisdom... so me, my mom, and Sierra, having never done anything outside of some mini-golf, tried our best to hit our very first bucket of balls at a golf range. I never realized hitting a golf ball could feel so funny, especially when Swede makes it look so easy. We first timers felt a bit like fish out of water but definitely had a lot of fun together :)
So along with my craft cravings (listed below, haha) I've kinda been on a cooking craze as well. So while the fam was here I decided to make a few things I've never made before. We had homemade donuts, festive wreath cookies, some rice pudding, and peanut brittle. Yes, SO healthy I know. But lets be real, its only fun making the truly tasty treats :)
We finished up with a bit of pumpkin painting and called it a wonderful weekend!
Yes, Dallas is wearing a Halloween sweater :) Compliments of the grandmuppie... haha


  1. Shayla!!! I didn't know you had a blog! I love it! Miss you!

  2. One, love the apron. Did you make it? Two- now I want to carve pumpkins. Three- glad you finally learned how to golf ;)