Thursday, June 4, 2009


Because I absolutely love Utah State, I decided that I should pay a little tribute and post my last moments as an Aggie... It was my last day of finals and my mom was in town helping my sister and I pack and move out of our apartments, and a cousin of mine came up to Logan and wanted a tour of campus... so, having given my fair share of campus tours throughout the past couple years, I decided I should go out with a bang and give them the best tour USU has ever seen :) I even took them up to our anthropology museum.. hence the crazy masks we decided we looked good in :) And of course, a tour isn't a tour without a stop at our True Aggie site.. so I filled em' in on our fun little kissing-atop-the "A" tradition, and they loved it! It was a beautiful last day, and I'll always be proud to be true blue Aggie!!

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