Thursday, June 4, 2009


It really doesn't get any better than a trip to Hawaii with the Olson family. Swede and I were basically spoiled as soon as we stepped onto the plane. I've really never experienced anything like it. For all of you who have the chance to visit Hawaii and stay at Uncle Rods place, don't miss out on the trip of a lifetime.
This is one of the best beaches we have ever seen or been to. Shayla convinced me to swim out and ride the waves. Let's just say that "Hapuna Beach" just about took my life and Angie was right there with me searching for air after we got hit by back to back waves! The waves don't look that big but trust me they were huge. I now have a whole new understanding of how powerful the ocean can be. Angie and I were thrown around like rag dolls. Of course Shayla is a pro at swimming with big waves so she had no problem going under them to avoid the hit.

Joner set us up for a nice day to hit the ocean and snorkel. We got in canoes and had to paddle over to the reef. It took us about a half hour but it was well worth the ride. The fish, the blue water, and everything else made it an unforgettable day.
This was a black sand beach that apparently got me really excited to pose.
Mar-KEE showing off his hops!! Playing frisbee at Hapuna Beach
This was the small home town restaurant called "What's Shakin" that Uncle Rod and all the Garners recommended. The food was great and so were the smoothies.

The first video is us just driving and having a good time. Second me and dad running routes just like old times. He used to be able to lay out and make that catch but not anymore. I think I may have lead him a little too far. This last video is some great footage of all of us laughing our heads off. Angie and Marcus were supposedly following us, but we didn't see them behind us so we had to track them down... When we finally found them, they were shocked to realize that they had been following some latinos the whole time, thinking it was us. It was quite the laugh. For all of you who know Jone, she loves to hit either her leg or the steering wheel when something is funny, and John apparently thinks this was the best day ever :) Keep in mind this was the tail end of our laughter, you should have seen us 5 minutes earlier, it was a riot.


  1. Ryan and I are crying we are laughing so hard!! I still remember following that white Honda Van and not even realizing who was in it, I was so baffled when mom pulled up next to us. Good Times! Your Blog is great and I am so excited to keep in touch this way. Hope all is going well and chat with you guys later. Angie

  2. We weren't even there and we are dying laughing (TJ said he peed his pants a little :) Good job catching that funny moment on tape!

    Love the blog - we can't wait to follow all the happenings of S&S in Dallas!

  3. I still swear that was the right van, I don't know what happened?

  4. I think those two Mexis driving the van really were wearing sombreros. Ryan