Sunday, January 17, 2010


Everyone say hello to little dallas! He is our fun new addition to the fam, and we are very much enjoying him. It is definitely fun having a pet to come home to who is excited to see you. The pup is super sweet and loves to fall asleep on your lap and lick your face whenever he gets a chance. Having the added responsibility has definitely been stressful at times, but he is such a little bundle of love that he makes it all worth it. Minus the initial peeing in the house, late night whining in the kennel, hyper activity in the mornings, and 24/7 supervision... he couldn't be better :) We hope you enjoy these short clips of him!


  1. I think that is so cool that you got a dog. Maltese is a good kind because they're so easy to take care of and don't shed. Robert loves dogs, but he wants big labradors or something. It must be nice to have another little companion in the house.

  2. Oh, I love the one of him sleeping! How freakin adorable is that?!