Saturday, February 13, 2010


We woke up to 7 inches of snow the other day here in Dallas.... thought we were back in Logan! It's been all over the news, school and work cancelled all over the city, records breaking right and left, the people are lovin' it. I even got to do some shoots in it with work... too much fun seeing all the little kids all dressed up and loving the white fluff. Snow day here in Dallas will definitely be a forever memory!

So I've got some sisters who just can't get enough of our little pup... and it definitely shows with these fun dance moves. Who knew a puppy could be such a good dance partner :)


  1. Hi You Two! I can't view any of the videos... am I doing something wrong? Hope you are doing well. Lindi

  2. Fun videos! Dallas looks like he is growing good. Is he potty trained now? Hope you two are doing good! Lindi